Thursday, February 18, 2010


Right now I am on my official first family vacation with Tim and the boys. Tim is my own personal Clark Griswold; he stops at nothing for us to have the perfect family trip (there will be more of that to come once I return to the land of mouse).

For now, I leave you with a few of our recent family trips that were held locally (the state fair and disney):

Sadly, I am Disney obsessed. No matter how many times we are here I always have to take a castle picture:

It was Dylan's first time on Pirates (my favorite part is the guy hanging his hairy leg off the bridge):

Tim found his way into this one:

I get just as excited to see the characters as my 2 year old does:

There is something I just LOVE about the fair, the smells (deep friers in every direction, animal poop and hay from the makeshift barns), the people (carnies, rednecks, farmers and families), and most of all the terrifying, rickety, insane rides:

Nothing beats a classic carousel:

Jonas loved the animals (the farm folk did scare me a bit):

These "super heros" hanging outside the comic tent were amazing (I think Super Man really believed he was Clark Kent)...we had to get a picture with them:

I forced Tim to take me on the ferris wheel (I had never been on one where you are sitting in one of those teetering seats facing forward...and it was SCARY!):

It was cloudy, but beautiful out:

An old fashioned ice cream maker:

Fair food:

Now back to forcing my children to take pictures at cheesy tourist attractions!

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