Monday, February 1, 2010

monday madness

Mondays never seem to greet me in good favor. No matter how hard I try, something always goes wrong and I always seem to begin my day by leaving the house in a frenzy. Today was no exception....and it's not even noon yet.

The morning started off around 4am for me, with Dylan fussing by my side for some boob for the third time in the 8 hour span that was supposed to be designated for sleep. In an attempt to not wake myself too much before I actually have to get up, I just roll over and nurse him laying down (a trick that usually gets dylan to fall right back to sleep).........this morning, not so much......(here we go).

After showering in such a haze that my hair is completely ignored from being washed for the 3rd day in a row, I decide to turn on a pot of coffee. Since Tim and I are coffee lovers, we always have a drum off coffee on hand. Of course just as I reach the scoop into the dark abyss to get some coffee, I submerge my entire hand into the grinds......(great).

As I am cleaning up the grinds that flew all over the counter after I pulled my hand out, I can hear Jonas just waking up: "mommy!......juice!......mommy!......i want juice!"......(sigh).

I head to our insanely over stocked fridge and search for the juice, which is of course hidden in the back of the fridge behind layers of soy milk, beer, and left overs. I slide over a container of soy milk and SPLAT! An entire tupperware of left over chicken dinner falls face down on the kitchen floor.......(wonderful).

I frantically clean up the mess as Jonas whines louder: "juice!....juice!...mommy juice!"......(what the hell can Tim be doing right now?!)

Somehow I manage to get everyone settled, put clothes on (if you have been trying to picture this, the whole scene has played out with me in my bra and underwear), throw some make up on my tired puffy face, and look at the clock. 7am.....(crap...I should be heading out the door already!)

I rush to gather up the kids and beg Tim to help me get their insane amount of gear into the car for the sitter. By the time I leave, I am already running 15min behind (not so good showing up late all the time when you are a manager). I turn on NPR to gain some worldly perspective when Dylan starts to fuss in the back seat. I reach back to give him his binky and realize I have left his "precious" home in my haste......(damn it! oh well...the sitter is just going to have to deal with it!)

Now settled at work with at least 2 cups of coffee in me, my brain is slowly piecing back together to form a functioning human being. I'm surprised I don't put the baby in my briefcase and drop my laptop off at the sitter's in the morning.

Here's to mondays and the chaos that ensues.


  1. this is too perfect. my next project in class i'm titling "mommy-hood" and the photos will reflect as stated above.

  2. oh my god jess if you need a subject for tat photoshoot lu and I can provide plenty of material! hahha Lu....I am right there with you! this literally made me get up to pee i was laughing so hard!

  3. I came across your site by accident and I just love your blog!
    Welcome to the blogosphere!!
    Following now!!