Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have recently been obsessing over the new tattoo that I want. Currently I only have one (one amazing piece of art that I love and adore).

See below for portrait showing my current tattoo by my talented gal pal jess:

I waited a long time to get a tattoo and couldn't be happier that I did (otherwise I would be all jacked up with a tramp stamp, arm band and god knows what other hideous and regretful tattoo).

The inspiration for my next one comes from a classic sailor jerry design (my favorite type of tattoos) that my sister had showed me, my love for the ocean, my marriage, and my kids. I am hoping for a mix of this:

and this:

Of course, a little less butt crack showing, a lot less boob showing (definitely no nipple) and 2 little mermaid boys instead of one. The anchor is to represent my marriage (he isn't going anywhere whether he likes it or not) and I guess a brunette version of the mermaid for me (the blonde portrait above was just a pregnancy phase).

I have had the design in my back pocket for a while, but now that I'm not pregnant anymore I am so ready to get inked again. My husband is oddly not loving the idea of me getting another one (and he has like 4 of them), so a super secret tattoo shop excursion may be in order (sorry honey!.......let's get on it ladies!).


  1. oh my god i totally want to be a part of this! i have been obsessing over a tattoo that i want, the hubs is all about it, but he wants to draw it. i love his art but what i have in mind is a little more feminine and a little less street! i don't know how to break it to him! haha