Saturday, February 27, 2010

cheeseburger in paradise

My latest venture down to Key West was incredible (as always). The last time I spent a few days in the land of laid back was for my wedding (way too long ago), and Jonas was just starting to walk.

This time, not only were Tim and I traveling with both children (our first official family vacation), but we also were heading down to visit my sister (whose husband happens to be stationed there for the navy....lucky) and spend some time with my nieces (both adorable and the same ages as the boys).

As we were driving down Tim and I had a few laughs about the other times we had been in the keys during a whole different time in our lives. A time when we were getting completely obliterated and even crashing a scooter here and there. But alas, those days are far behind us, and now we party hardy with diapers and crayons.

There are although, some things that will never change...and those things are the attributes of the keys that bring us back time and time again. From the insane crazies roaming the streets, to the vintage homes and kitschy sights...we love it all.

To shed some light on the subject, I am going to break down a few of the things that make the keys so wonderful (I know, I know....not ANOTHER list!).

The Old and Colorful Houses

The Amazing Sunsets

The Beautiful and Hilarious Drag Queens

The Fun Places to Eat

The Cool Places to Stop on the Drive Down

The Crazy People Performing in Mallory Square

The Eclectic Colors

The Cheesy Tourist Attractions

And....a little cuteness to round it all out

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