Wednesday, April 14, 2010

while the hubby's away the wifey will...mop floors, clean poop, cook dinner, go insane...

Lucky duck Tim just got back from an incredible work trip to New York City. I was pretty much jealous the entire time he was up there. He has announced his distaste for NY many times to me (he says it is dirty). How unfair that someone who doesn't even appreciate the Big Apple gets to spend a week there and stay right in the heart of Downtown Manhattan?! (I mean, he literally had to send me a picture and ask me if a building was the empire state building) NY is MY favorite city damn it!

Of course, the entire time he was there he continually sent me awe-inspiring pictures of the view from his room on wall street, from the top of the empire state building, from the street of bustling times get the picture. He even managed to squeeze in a late night phone call from the empire state building and threw in a "Sorry!...I can't really hear you!...It's just so windy on top of the empire state building!" Ha Ha...very funny Koerper.

In his state of absence, I managed to wrangle both kids in the morning to get them to day care on time, keep the house especially spotless and tidy, mop the floors numerous times (which is usually Tim's duty...I HATE mopping), and even remembered to feed the dog. I am so used to not sleeping anymore that the extra non-sleep barely even phased me.

I did, although, get to live vicariously through his photos...and will be finding some way to get a NYC trip in me soon.

Here is a brief look at NY through Tim's iphone eyes:

Tim is now a changed man...a man who loves NY. 


  1. That all looks so familiar! I'm glad to read that he had such a good time.

  2. New York is my favorite city too. If you go, make sure to tell Patrice to let me know :)

    Mopping--such a necessary chore. I got tired of telling Logan, don't run on the wet floor, it's slippery and you'll.... fall. Then running over to pick him, just to repeat it all over again. I recently acquired a Bissel Dry&Wet Vac. It's amazing. The floors dry immediately so there's no worry of the little tike slipping on the wet floor, slamming his head, cracking it open, then having to rush to the ER, while still wearing PJs. That would be embarrassing.