Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I just can't seem to concentrate AT ALL today....I am talking like serious A.D.D. here. I guess I can blame it on a number of things....

1. An adorable sweet baby boy who likes to play dr. jekyll and mr. hyde with me at night as he screams for me every couple hours then coos softly while smiling at the sound of my voice (seriously, we are going on 8 months of no sleep now)

2. A willy nilly weekend that set the mode for this week. Tim and I jumped around from uprooting bushes and planting flower beds, to driving 2 hours south to visit family, to entertaining a book club, to chasing Jonas in the rain.

3. That brings me to 3...which is the rain. I actually love gloomy weather every now and again, but it definitely puts me in a sleepy, dreamy, not wanting to pay attention kinda mood.

4. A Monday work day that was actually extremely productive and a Tuesday that was filled with the same...leaving me with little to follow up on today. We all know that Mondays tend to be a catch up from the weekend, and gearing up for the week day...but in a strange occurrence of cosmic alliance  I somehow had one of the most productive days of the week. So much so, that I have almost reached white space in my inbox! (Ask anyone in my office...this is an amazing feat of gigantic proportions)

5. Lack of coffee. The caffeine levels in my blood stream are no where near their normal dosage. I think I have only half finished at least 3 cups of coffee each day so far this week. 

I can pinpoint a number of other the insanely distracting photobooth pics I took with my gal pal that I just have to glance at every so often to get a good laugh...and the obsessive rant I am on with my current wardrobe (which is causing me to search high and low for deals all over planet earth). Hopefully my brain pieces back together by tomorrow so I can go five minutes without switching focus.

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