Friday, May 13, 2011

fashion friday

2 weeks in a row...not bad right? Today's fashion inspiration started with this:

That there...that's my sis in a photo taken by one of her buds. And she looks super cute! She totally is one with her 1950s pin up vibe, so when I saw this I immediately sprung to look for some other shots from the 1950s that reminded me of how adorable and fun the fashion was during that time.

Why don't we travel in style anymore? 

Love when I see how clean cut and groomed the boys were back then.

Even the chick leaning against the wall thinks she looks rad.

What happened to the times when little girls dressed like little girls?

I want to replicate every one of these pieces. Can curves please be in again?

Remember when stewardesses were stylish? 

I adore the 1950s biker threads.

I can guarantee that I am going to spend the next few hours sifting through sites online to find some vintage pieces from the era. Maybe if I spread the purchases across a couple cards the hubs won't notice the sudden depletion from our bank account....wish me luck!

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