Thursday, April 7, 2011

Stream of Consciousness...While Vacuuming

Man that rug looks dirty...

I can't walk by it again...

It's getting vacuumed.

(Head to garage to pull out the vacuum, which immediately has pieces fall off as I pick it up) Ugh! Shitty ass clunky vacuum!

Man this vacuum sucks! (angrily hit the power on as I start humming a tune from Tangled, which at this point had been watched 3 days in a row with the boys)

(Abruptly stop humming as I feel debris hit my leg for the third time) I swear if it shoots something out instead of sucking it in one more time!

(As if to tease me, a small bit flies out from under the vacuum and hits my foot) Damn it! That is it! I am getting a new vacuum tomorrow...and never buying a Bissell again! No...this time I'm getting a Hoover....

Or an Oreck.....or a Kirby...those vacuums used to be so good...what happened to them?

Hmmm that reminds me of that movie I used to love....The Brave Little Toaster....the vacuum was named Kirby....I wonder if I can find that movie...the kids would love it, it was so cute...

As soon as I'm done I'm looking for that online....maybe I'll blog about it.

 If a dog can do it, WE can do it! 

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