Friday, April 15, 2011


One of my brothers recently asked me to send him some photos that I had taken of the house we grew up in. It inspired me to sift through the photos and take a trip down memory lane, a trip which I am going to share with you.

Before we begin, here are some facts:

1. The house is over 200 years old
2. The house is located in the Catskill Mountains of NY
3. The house served as a party hub whenever my parents were away
3. The house is still in the family, although my dad got it in the divorce and completely ignores it
4. The house is haunted

 Ah yes, the roller rink....I lived only a couple doors down

I got there just as they were burning down the barn in the back - so weird to see the 3 story beast gone

 Found this in the pile of rubble

I was so upset I couldn't rescue this to use with my kids

 This used to be an awesome garden - my parents grew a lot of their own veggies

 My father decided to add a tree house finally when I was like 15 - needless to say it was a "party box"

 I couldn't believe this was still there after all these years

 I used to go down to the creek to write in my journal - very dramatic teen of me

 Cellar Door - they do say it is the most beautiful word

 The sad part is, we used to tie my youngest brother up and lock him down there to torture him - I have apologized a million times for that...even still to this day

Even looking through the photos creeps me out a bit. Like the spirits who "lived in my closet" will come through the picture and haunt me now.

But, I can say I do have an appreciation for the quaint beauty of the house and the land. I hope my brother makes it work this summer with the "artistic retreat" he is planning on having in the house with his buds...maybe I'll just stop in for a bit to reminisce and tell some ghost stories.

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