Monday, June 21, 2010

is there, or isn't there?

Jonas and I tend to have some of our best conversations during the car ride home after daycare. Last friday had to be one of the best of all time...

"I want juice mommeeeeee!"

"Ok, you can have some juice when we get home"

"Dylan have milk mommy....da milk is in your boobies"

"No, there isn't any milk in mommy's boobies anymore"

"Yes dare is"

" there isn't anymore honey. Dylan only drinks bottles now"

"Yes dare IS MOMMY!"

"No, I really don't think there is anymore"

"YES DARE IS MOMMY! dare is milk in only one. dare is milk in one and not de oder"

"Oh really! so what you are saying is that only one boobie has milk in it still?"

"Yeah...only one has milk mommy...but not de oder one"

"Well ok...if you say so, but I really don't think so!"

And we left it at that...changing the subject to how we like green leaves and think we see alligators in the  water we drive by.

p.s. there is no milk in one.

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